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Promotion 2017™ is a talent management platform allowing :   

  • individuals to create a detailed profile of their competencies, suggests career paths in line with their aspirations and expertise and supports them in their professional development.
  • organizations to map the skills of each of their employees, thus enabling to individualize career paths, customize training programs or create project teams.


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Golden Bees

Founded in July 2015 by four digital marketing enthusiasts, Golden Bees is an innovative custom-crafted advertising solution for online recruitment, which uses leading-edge technologies with state-of-the-art algorithms, supported by candidate data. We  manage online recruitment campaigns through our tailor-made, multidevice programmatic ad suite. Our technology is fed by our HR profile data, and help recruiters reach candidates of any kind, and on all relevant websites – whether they are looking for a job or not. We already have more than 100 recruiters who trust our solutions and a turnover increasing by more than 200%.

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Mailoop is the first solution that helps companies cure their email-related ills and continuously their improve digital communications by providing an intuitive process for each employee to channel his or her feelings in a virtuous feedback loop

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UBIKEY develops technological systems designed to improve collaborative work. Our devices, associated with multi-user software, simplify the implementation of working method, improving interactions and collective cognitive capacities at the same time.





We Are Peers

We Are Peers (WAP) offers a suite of products and services to make peer learning start and last in your organization, to increases the knowledge capital and social links.

The suite includes a unique launching program, a complete pedagogy toolkit, web app and mobile app. WAP's current client includes multiple CAC40 companies and first-tier higher education institutions.

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