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Ambastory is a platform that breaks classic recruitment process codes like speculative application or cover letter. The tool connects candidates with collaborators who occupy similar positions to the ones they are looking for. This way the candidates can benefit from recommendations and support during the recruitment process. The company recruits, the collaborator’s value is highlighted and the candidates projects themselves in their future jobs.

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We Are Peers

We Are Peers (WAP) offers a suite of products and services to make peer learning start and last in your organization, to increases the knowledge capital and social links.The suite includes a unique launching program, a complete pedagogy toolkit, web app and mobile app. WAP's current client includes multiple CAC40 companies and first-tier higher education institutions.

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We Identity

We Identity reinvents the astonishment report by listening the just arrived collaborators and therefore by showing them that they have value. The solution gives operational managers the possibility to benefit from this feedback on the onboarding process and to get propositions to improve, adapt their management style and extend the honeymoon period with their new talents.

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Brother Tongue

In an increasingly fast-moving world, Brother Tongue reinvents the learning of languages and aims to connect students to allow them to learn together. Brother Tongue was founded on the cornerstones of pedagogy and artificial intelligence to offer you an every-day contact with the language you are learning.

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Linkky is a pulse survey tool that allows you to do anonymous and regular surveys within companies. This solution helps companies to collect opinions from their employees. They are the ones who build the company every day and who have a clear vision of its development. It is therefore important to take their opinion into account before taking impacting decisions. Linkky is a SaaS tool, therefore very easy to implement and to use by sorting out all your results by target, service or localization.

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VR Squad

VRSquad offers companies and corporates a platform to create and manage autonomously training programs in Virtual Reality. By engaging and immersing collaborators, VRSquad’s platform trains soft skills as well as hard skills. The evaluation of performances and the follow-up by tutors using Virtual Reality allow to recommend the reinforcing or acquisition of certain skills, but also to consult on the career evolutions.

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