The working world is changing dramatically: digital technology has shaken up traditional hierarchies, deconstructed the relationship between individuals and companies, reinvented new learning formats, put the focus on people and the quest for meaningful work, and changed the playing field in terms of access to employment.

RHIZOME, the Paris&Co innovation platform dedicated to new working trends and HR transformation, is launching a call for applications to recruit the 2018 class of its incubation program. The program offers a wide range of services to startups and entrepreneurs: mentorship, coaching, access to financing, networking with major corporates, conference rooms, co-working spaces, etc.

> The Rhizome theory — developed by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari — is a philosophical concept of “French Theory”, a post-modern work of philosophical, literary and social theories. It refers to a structure that is constantly evolving horizontally, that streamlines itself by eliminating levels, in opposition to hierarchical, pyramid-type structures.


 Independently of their field of application to the RH professions, the solutions chosen must be adapted to the following innovations in new technologies and usages:

  • enhance employee experience: both user-friendly for RH professionals, and to deliver smoothly functioning RH services to employees
  • integrate the software ecosystem: can easily integrate internal information systems such as SIRH, as well as existing B2C services external to the organization
  • ensure ethical data management: add value by bringing new services to HR, managers and employees, while respecting a data management code of ethics

Innovation Themes

Enhance quality of life at work


Individualize and personalize RH services

Promote extra-professional commitment

Detect weak signals and identify inaptitude

Welcome new work organization models

Manage the work-life balance

Develop the learning organization


Give employees autonomy to act

Make managers true leaders with close team proximity

Develop project-based learning

Recognize and promote “soft skills”

Cultivate interdisciplinarity and “intrapreneurship”

Share knowledge throughout the organization


Update regulatory competencies

Monitor information sharing throughout the organization

Identify training needs

Measure training performance

Implement innovative pedagogies

Promote active management of career paths


Manage and monitor skills data

Accompany career transitions and second-half careers

Modernize the assessment process

Inspire employees and offer new career paths

Facilitate employee recruitment, integration and inclusion


Attract and acquire new talents

Develop relationships with schools and universities

Ensure successful integration of new employees

Promote inclusion company-wide

Improve access to employment


Reinvent training methods to meet corporate needs

Accompany career transitions

Improve the job-seeker experience

Develop corporate sponsorship and mentoring

Le Cargo

IInaugurated in March 2016, Le Cargo is an iconic 15,000 m² building entirely dedicated to innovation. It’s one of the largest incubators in Europe, located within the Macdonald urban reconversion development. The 617-meter north facade of this massive urban structure makes it one of the biggest buildings in Paris, one of a kind in Europe. A total of 3,000 residents live there and nearly 10,000 people use the building each day.

As the cornerstone of the Arc d’Innovation urban and social innovation laboratory of Paris, Le Cargo is 100% dedicated to entrepreneurship and innovation. The six-floor building rents office space managed by RIVP, the City of Paris property management agency, and houses the Paris&Co innovation and incubation platforms in the fields of creative industries, education, employment and human resources.