Eligible startups

  • innovative companies less than 3 years old for Seed applicants, less than 5 years old for Scale-up applicants
  • companies experiencing growth, or having already finalized an initial product/service offer
  • businesses related to the general and innovation themes specified by our partners, “New working trends” and “HR transformation”.

The following criteria will contribute to our choice of laureates:

  • the quality of the team and complementarity of project leaders;
  • the innovative nature of the project, product or service;
  • the economic development potential of the company;
  • the credibility and feasibility of the business plan.
  • the robustness of equity and cash flow,



Applications must be submitted online using the Agorize web platform

1. A project identity profile (online form using the application platform)

2. A corporate presentation such as a pitch deck, PDF format required (15-25 slides max.) including the following elements (in French or English):

  • target market, market trends, competitive advantage and positioning;
  • description of your business, product or service offer and its innovative features;
  • technology - R&D: progress report and major developments expected;
  • business model and pricing;
  • sales, marketing and communications strategy;
  • HR: current team, number of future employees, management team profiles;
  • financial projections: 12-month cash-flow plan, 3-year revenue forecast (annual revenue N-1 and N-2 if available).


    3. Administrative documents

  • Certificate of incorporation (or Extrait Kbis) of less than 3 months (if available),
  • Copy of ID card of company representatives