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Basile gives you the possibility to recruit through co-optation ! From now on you can manage your co-optation recruitment policy from scratch and get coaching one hour per month from a team of experts. Launch your co-optation process in one week and obtain immediate results.

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Goshaba offers a fun, fast and fair recruitment. Through gamification (cognitive games and surveys) Goshaba allows to pre-select candidates on their softskills, hardskills as well as the company’s culture.

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Hello Elton

Hello Elton is the only service of soft skills coach which combines the latest research in neuroscience, artificial intelligence and teaching skills to get the best from your collaborators.

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Bonanza is an innovative app that resolves recruitment process problems linked to the rising generation: students. With this practical tool, companies' offers are directly disseminated on the various social networks by targeting the most relevant students via their matching algorithm. The student gets the offers through and can apply in one glance.

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Mobiliwork offers a platform that allows companies to simply and quickly organize a temporary immersion of their employees into startups. These mobilities allow employees to develop soft skills such as agility, the ability to learn, boldness, confidence or leadership. In addition to this web platform, Mobiliwork proposes a tailored coaching to help companies implement this device and integrate it in their human resources strategy.

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Bloomin is a startup that helps managers and human resources collaborators to increase employee’s engagement by measuring their collaborating experience. With an annual subscription, the user benefits from a very simple, playful and 100% customizable platform. The  information collected in real time is shared with transparency with teams and is transformed in indicators for managers to enhance the performance.

#employee experience #engagement #manager #performance is a talent management platform that allows individuals to create a detailed profile of their competencies, suggests career paths in line with their aspirations and expertise and supports them in their professional development. This solution also allows organizations to map the skills of each of their employees, thus enabling to individualize career paths, customize training programs or create project teams.


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Golden Bees

Golden Bees is an innovative custom-crafted advertising solution for online recruitment, which uses cutting-edge technologies with state-of-the-art algorithms, supported by candidate data. We manage online recruitment campaigns through our tailor-made, multidevice programmatic ad suite. Their technology is fed by our HR profile data, and help recruiters reach candidates of any kind, and on all relevant websites – whether they are looking for a job or not.

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UBIKEY develops technological systems designed to improve collaborative work. Our devices, associated with multi-user software, simplify the implementation of working method, improving interactions and collective cognitive capacities at the same time.




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Whire is an app of job searching and professional community. It allows each person to defend their professional project differently no matter their current situation or their professional background.

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