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ADDWORKING insures the management of a company’s freelancers and service providers through its platform of Cost and Risk Management. The solution offers visibility and transversal management of flows and operators (freelancers, subcontractors, temporary workers..) while managing legal risks from the preparation of the contract to the requalification and insurance of payment and invoicing processes.

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Basile gives you the possibility to recruit through co-optation ! From now on you can manage your co-optation recruitment policy from scratch and get coaching one hour per month from a team of experts. Launch your co-optation process in one week and obtain immediate results.

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Bonanza is an innovative app that resolves recruitment process problems linked to the rising generation: students. With this practical tool, companies' offers are directly disseminated on the various social networks by targeting the most relevant students via their matching algorithm. The student gets the offers through and can apply in one glance.

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Braincities is a solution that uses miscellaneous data like social media, CVs or emails in order to match the personality, expertise, professional background and aspirations of the candidate with the culture, projects and goals of the company. This matching is realized thanks to the algorithm that analyzes the personality of the person and predicts among other things the candidate’s career path or the turn-over.

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Golden Bees

Golden Bees is an innovative custom-crafted advertising solution for online recruitment, which uses cutting-edge technologies with state-of-the-art algorithms, supported by candidate data. We manage online recruitment campaigns through our tailor-made, multidevice programmatic ad suite. Their technology is fed by our HR profile data, and help recruiters reach candidates of any kind, and on all relevant websites – whether they are looking for a job or not.

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Hello Elton

Hello Elton is the only service of soft skills coach which combines the latest research in neuroscience, artificial intelligence and teaching skills to get the best from your collaborators.

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Mailoop is the first solution to heal the company from the excess of e-mails by providing to employees an intuitive tool to guide the expression of his feelings and by placing everyone at the heart of a cycle of continuous improvement of digital communication. Productivity, efficiency and quality of life are guaranteed !

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Mobiliwork offers a platform that allows companies to simply and quickly organize a temporary immersion of their employees into startups. These mobilities allow employees to develop soft skills such as agility, the ability to learn, boldness, confidence or leadership. In addition to this web platform, Mobiliwork proposes a tailored coaching to help companies implement this device and integrate it in their human resources strategy.

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Smart Hands-on

Smart Hands-on is a game-learning platform to develop talents and increase their engagement. This tool of consolidation process of personal assets focuses on three main points: the challenge, collective intelligence, and neurosciences.

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TheBestJE is a platform that simplifies relationships between students from Junior Entreprises and companies. The platform lists the various missions proposed or sought. The advantage of junior companies is to benefit from direct access to students on the corporate side and to strengthen the expertise and improve the first professional opportunities on the student side.

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UBIKEY develops technological systems designed to improve collaborative work. Our devices, associated with multi-user software, simplify the implementation of working method, improving interactions and collective cognitive capacities at the same time.




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Vendredi is a social startup which seeks to give everyone the opportunity to have a positive impact on society at work. For interns and employees, doing a “Vendredi” (a “Friday”) is dedicating one day per month, per week or more her/his talents to help a charity or a social company. The companies implement the concept of Vendredi in order to answer the stakes of attractivity, career management and social responsibility. Vendredi’s role is to accompany people and projects with strong social impact, as well as to help companies to simplify the establishment of these unique experiences. At Vendredi every day has its value.

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Ambastory is a platform that breaks classic recruitment process codes like speculative application or cover letter. The tool connects candidates with collaborators who occupy similar positions to the ones they are looking for. This way the candidates can benefit from recommendations and support during the recruitment process. The company recruits, the collaborator’s value is highlighted and the candidates projects themselves in their future jobs.

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We Are Peers

We Are Peers (WAP) offers a suite of products and services to make peer learning start and last in your organization, to increases the knowledge capital and social links.The suite includes a unique launching program, a complete pedagogy toolkit, web app and mobile app. WAP's current client includes multiple CAC40 companies and first-tier higher education institutions.

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We Identity

We Identity reinvents the astonishment report by listening the just arrived collaborators and therefore by showing them that they have value. The solution gives operational managers the possibility to benefit from this feedback on the onboarding process and to get propositions to improve, adapt their management style and extend the honeymoon period with their new talents.

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Brother Tongue

In an increasingly fast-moving world, Brother Tongue reinvents the learning of languages and aims to connect students to allow them to learn together. Brother Tongue was founded on the cornerstones of pedagogy and artificial intelligence to offer you an every-day contact with the language you are learning.

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Linkky is a pulse survey tool that allows you to do anonymous and regular surveys within companies. This solution helps companies to collect opinions from their employees. They are the ones who build the company every day and who have a clear vision of its development. It is therefore important to take their opinion into account before taking impacting decisions. Linkky is a SaaS tool, therefore very easy to implement and to use by sorting out all your results by target, service or localization.

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VR Squad

VRSquad offers companies and corporates a platform to create and manage autonomously training programs in Virtual Reality. By engaging and immersing collaborators, VRSquad’s platform trains soft skills as well as hard skills. The evaluation of performances and the follow-up by tutors using Virtual Reality allow to recommend the reinforcing or acquisition of certain skills, but also to consult on the career evolutions.

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